The Secret Of Deliberate Creation – The Step By Step Guide For Success

Life is a bed of roses for some. Lady of fortune seems to be smiling at them forever. For some, life is a constant struggle. They seem to be suffering forever. They try to adapt the self improvement techniques taught by experts and attend several self improvement classes conducted. Most of them do not get the desired results. Are you one among them? Are you feeling depressed that you were not able to attain success in your ventures after spending money and time in so many classes and programs? It is high time you opted for a reliable scientific approach.

Dr. Robert Anthony’s ‘The Secret of Deliberate Creation’ is a scientific personal development audio program designed to help people to achieve their goals in life. It is true that there are many self improvement books and programs available in the internet and in market. I am sure you want to know why The Secret of Deliberate Creation is a better choice than others. Read this review to know all facts, pros and cons of this program.

Who is Dr. Robert Anthony?

He is a popular personal motivator who has successfully unraveled the mysteries of the mind. He has a PhD in psychology. He is a registered psychotherapist. His education, experience, personal evolution and research have helped him to publish many books. He has authored many bestselling books. In fact, he is the most prolific writer in the internet. He is a personal trainer, marketing coach and a master hypnotist.

He has the capacity to teach complicated ideas and theories in a simple and easy to understand way. That is why all his books and programs are an instant success. He is the most sought after trainer and coach because he combines humor with facts and makes things look easy.

What are the contents of Dr. Robert Anthony’s The Secret of Deliberate Creation?

This program is a package of audio CDs and eBooks. It is a complete guide to help you to overcome all obstacles you would come across in your life. This program helps you to connect what you know with what you don’t know. The program acts as a bridge in connecting them.

  • 1. Dr. Robert Anthony’s key idea is the Law of Attraction. According to Law of Attraction, you can attract in life whatever you desire. The strong desire and dominant thoughts to get what you want in life.
  • The author stresses on the fact that if your desire is not strong and well defined you cannot dream of achieving success. The author in this audio program helps the listeners to find out and define what they desire.
  • 2. The program also helps you to find your Inner Compass. It is the inner compass in your mind that guides you in all your activities. It determines the success and failure in your life.
  • 3. The author also teaches you how to remove the negativities from your mind. Most of the things believed to be true are things that were believed to be true for ages. He says you should remove the negative thoughts and be able to create new truths.
  • 4. Life should be created by design and not default – This is one of the main teachings of this program.
  • 5. He insists that success in life is much easier than you imagined it to be. He says that if you are struggling with some activity, you are sure to fail in that task.
  • 6. It teaches how to apply Quantum Physics in your life and achieve success. It includes laws like law of vibration, law of intention, law of momentum and law of inspired action etc. When you learn to apply these laws correctly in your life, you are sure to achieve success.

What are the bonuses you receive along with this program?

Almost all self improvement programs are offered bonuses. Most of them are irrelevant. All the eight bonuses with this program are relevant to the main program. They will help you to achieve success in your life. They include ’50 Ideas to Change Your Life’, ‘Beyond Positive Thinking’, Ultimate Secrets of Self Confidence’, etc.

What do everyone like about the Secret of Deliberate Creation?

  • 1. It is an audio program. It is a set of 6 CDs. You can also download it from the internet. Most of the self improvement programs come in the form of eBooks. They are suitable for people who love reading. There are many people who don’t have the time and interest to read. This program is a blessing to all these people.
  • 2. As it is an audio format you can hear it even when you are lying on your bed or cooking or washing your dishes or driving.
  • 3. The author is a hypnotist. It is of no wonder that his voice has a hypnotic quality.
  • 4. It is a simple, easy and effective program that guarantees success in your life.
  • 5. The author explains in this program how he struggled initially in his life and how he overcame the obstacles. The contents of this program have been tested by Robert Anthony. He has taught what he practiced. So you can rely upon this self improvement program.
  • 6. Lack of confidence is the main hindrance to the success in your life. You can improve your self confidence when you listen to this audio program.
  • 7. The six hours of instruction helps in training the mind first to accept changes and then proceeds to make the teachings enter into the subconscious mind. Your mind is prepared first. This increases the effectiveness of the program.
  • 8. You are offered a money back guarantee. This proves the genuineness and the effectiveness of the product.

What is the final conclusion of this review on Dr. Robert Anthony’s The Secret of Deliberate Creation?

Negative thinking is definitely a great obstacle in your path of success. This program will help you to get rid of your negative thinking. When you approach life and problems with a positive approach, success is at your doorstep. It teaches you how to make the things you desire turn towards you. You need not run chasing your goals, but they will come to you naturally.
It is a big blessing for people who want to succeed in their life. It is definitely worth the money spent.

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